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Yes, I was hired because I was Black. But that’s not the only reason.

Dear Reader,

Let’s start by talking about affirmative action.

When I was first hired at The Washington Post, I found I had to repeatedly explain my qualifications to colleagues. So after one staff meeting, I went to the business editor, David Vise, and asked him directly whether he hired me because I was Black.

“Yes, I hired you because you are Black,” he said.

By then, I had eight years of full-time work experience, but I was sti...

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توقف ارائه رایگان کتاب های الکترونیک پزشکی

به گزارش نیویورک تایمز – بایگانی اینترنت خرید کتاب پزشکی به دلیل طرح دعوی از طرف ناشران ، در حال خاتمه برنامه ای برای ارائه نسخه های رایگان و نامحدود از کتاب های الکترونیکی است. در این دادخواست ادعا می شود که دادن کتاب بدون پرداخت به نویسندگان یا ناشران نقض عمدی حق چاپ است.

کتاب های پزشکی

از ماه مارس کتاب های پزشکی ، بایگانی اینترنتی بیش از 1.3 میلیون کتاب را بدون محدودیت به خرید کتاب پزشکی صورت آنلاین در دسترس عموم قرار داده و آن را کتابخانه ملی اضطراری خوانده است...

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The United States is backsliding into autocracy under Trump, scholars warn

Three years into the Trump administration, American democracy has eroded to a point that more often than not leads to full-blown autocracy, according to a project that tracks the health of representative government in nations around the world.

The project, called V-Dem, or Varieties of Democracy, is an effort to precisely quantify global democracy at the country level based on hundreds indicators assessed annually by thousands of individual experts. It’s one of several ongoing projects by political scientists that have registered a weakening of democratic values in the United States in recent years.

V-Dem’s findings are bracing: The United States is undergoing “substantial autocratization” — defined as the loss of democratic traits — that has accelerated precipitously under ...

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Golf, the official sport of social distance, had its best summer in decades

Back in those foggy early days of the pandemic, as nearly every part of American life stopped on a dime, golf course superintendents pulled out their flag sticks, parked their carts and closed their pro shops. Golf is a discretionary expense for most, and as the novel coronavirus threatened both lives and livelihoods, no one in the industry knew when it would be safe for golfers to come back to the course or who would be returning when it was safe.

“We’re talking about an $85 billion industry that basically shut its doors down,” said Suzy Whaley, president of PGA of America, which represents more than 29,000 golf professionals in the United States and runs the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup events. “We immediately knew we had to come up with some solutions for our members...

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Businesses with ‘windfall’ pandemic profits are showering them on investors, study finds

Here’s an arresting statistic: Back at the beginning of September, if Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos were to have given each of his 876,000 employees a $105,000 bonus, he would have been left with roughly as much wealth as he had in mid-March, at the start of the pandemic.

From a purely practical standpoint, it would have been challenging for Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, to give out bonuses of that magnitude. Most of his wealth is tied up in Amazon stock, rather than liquid cash. (Representatives from Amazon did not respond to a request for comment...

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How Corporate America is trying to drive 2020 voter turnout

Big businesses are launching an unprecedented number of civic engagement efforts for the November elections amid rising expectations by employees and customers for companies to do more in the midst of a global pandemic, racial unrest and a historic recession.

Uber is exploring offering some of its national network of “greenlight hubs” — facilities with ample parking where its drivers go to troubleshoot issues — as polling places, as concerns rise about a lack of access to traditional voting sites like senior centers or schools during the coronavirus pandemic...

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Task force says nursing homes need more aid. Critics say industry should step up.

The Trump administration convened a panel of nursing home operators and administrators, academics and state health officials to recommend ways to step up protections for nursing home residents amid the covid-19 pandemic, and this week it received the advice: More money for testing, for personal protective equipment, for registered nurses, for infection control training and staff salary increases.

The report, commissioned by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, noted that nursing homes have borne the brunt of the pandemic — with more than 50,000 residents and staff dead so far — and argued that public resources to deal with the disease have been lacking.

Nonetheless, Seema Verma, head of CMS, called the report “a resounding vindication of our overall approach to ...

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Newly revealed USPS documents show an agency struggling to manage Trump, Amazon and the pandemic

It would be months before Louis DeJoy took the reins of the nation’s mail system, and the U.S. Postal Service already was mired in crisis.

Mail carriers were in revolt, fearful they had few protections against the newly emerging coronavirus. The Trump administration was bearing down on its finances, sending USPS officials scrambling over what they saw as a potential illegal takeover of agency operations. And then there was a looming standoff with Amazon, which privately signaled it could take some of its lucrative delivery business elsewhere.

The tensions surfaced at an April 9 meeting, when Amazon executives “stated their concerns” about the Postal Service’s economic plight amid the pandemic and questioned its “viability to them as a continued shipping partner,” according t...

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درباره حرف آخر

حرف آخر

حرف آخر اولین موسسه آموزشی کنکور می باشد که محتوای آموزشی کنکور و دبیرستان را در قالب انیمیشن و تصویرسازی ارائه می دهد. مدیر عامل این موسسه عبدالرضا منتظری می باشد که از سال ۱۳۹۰ با ابتکار و نوآوری های متعدد توانسته نام این برند آموزشی را در کل کشور مطرح کند.

حرف آخر با بهره گیری از قابلیت های نیمکره راست مغز که مطالب را به صورت طولانی مدت در ذهن نگاه می دارد، دی وی دی های آموزشی را تولید کرده و در اختیار دانش آموزان و کنکوری ها قرار داده است. در این موسسه ما در ۴ مرحله داوطلب را برای کنکور آماده می کنیم...

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استعلام تجهیزات پزشکی

خرید تجهیزات پزشکی همواره یکی از موضوعات مهمی است که به دلیل اهمیت آن و سر و کار داشتن با جان و مال مردم، بسیار مورد توجه بوده و بایستی دقت لازم برای خرید آن ها صورت گیرد. حال آن که امروزه شرکت ها، بیمارستان ها و ارگان های دولتی همچون پتروشیمی و شهرداری و دانشگاه ها به دلایل مختلف از جمله عدم وجود یک مرجع معتبر برای استعلام و یا خرید تجهیزات و ملزومات پزشکی مورد نیاز خود با سختی هایی مواجه هستند.

بنابراین در این مقاله از سدان مد با ما همراه باشید تا روشی آسان برای استعلام تجهیزات...

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